Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Spheres not updating when swaping hero while in the skill sphere selection screen (Windows)

While in the skill sphere selection sphere, swapping character do not update properly the spheres common to all classes.


Reproduction scenario :

- Access the skill spheres screen

- Add a shpere several characters can have

- switch character --> the sphere is geyed out

If I do it the other way around (I switch from a character that do not have it equipped to one that have it equipped), i get a similar behavior (the sphere is not grey while it should be)

If I scroll down then back up, the spere update properly. If i change tab, and come back, it updates properly

Ouros posted this bug on11/11/16
D.Gonzalez 11/14/16 16:20

Tested this with the 4 primary heroes with the Chilling strikes skill sphere which is one they can all share, I did not see this behavior. Cannot duplicate these conditions.

Eleftheria 12/17/16 10:18

I've had a similar issue with this. But it is when I swap between the new heros and the original since they have different sphere loadouts, they seem not to refresh when there is a hero change. This also happens when you swap out heros in the Deck and want to mass change all the skill spheres for all heros and be like, dafuq? I have to exit the menu every time I'm done with that hero :) 

Trendy 03/08/17 09:46

Fixed with the Trials Update as Sphere's system was replaced.