Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Gear Comparison Display Box (PS4)
Comparing items in the inventory screen displays the comparison in a position off screen, making it impossible to view the comparison.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Compare items

Expected Results: Expected item text box positions moved positively along Y axis.

reject91 posted this bug on08/23/17
Asphe 08/23/17 16:48

Also affects the PC version.

It is especially egregious when the 'equipped' item has shards with a long text descriptions [i.e. Betsy's Empowered Beam + Empowered Beam on a sword]

If similar shards are equipped on relics / armor, the "Difference if Equipped" box is also partially or completely hidden. Legendary items with their four stats are particularly affected.

Cnemire 08/23/17 19:01

this is beyond annoying like how can i compare if i got an upgrade if it cuts the whole screen off.. can't inspect any gear stats

BedsideTiger 08/24/17 05:49

After the latest update the item comparison chart seems to have shifted down on the screen (PC version) Can't read stats on the bottom of the charts when comparing items in the top of the inventory and can't view the charts completely if viewing an item in the bottom of the inventory


Zalera 08/24/17 11:11 @6009

i've the same problem ( PC )

jobetoco94 08/24/17 11:41

this bug happens to me too i play with computer

Edited on: 08/24/17 11:41
keilun 08/24/17 12:54

This affects comparing items at the bottom of the inventory or comparing relics against equipped relics since they're positioned at the bottom of the screen. Here's an image (PC/Win):

xXSleeper88Xx 08/24/17 18:35

same problem with PC... the Game is now unplayable  :/ Please Fix it quickly !

Aurayia 08/24/17 23:00

This is annoying,  first I can't compare defense  items to what I have cause the resolution on in is  blocking it, but now the armor is doing the same thing. I know it's not me but please fix this on the PC..

thefake 08/25/17 00:59

After the new patch, this is also affecting Xbox one players, it makes it extremely difficult to play, please make this an extremely quick fix

reject91 08/25/17 03:22 @6004

Apparently if you move the gear to the top of your inventory you can actually see the stats, but it shouldn't function like that. I also don't like the changes to the control scheme.

reject91 08/25/17 03:24 @6039

I'm surprised there hasn't been a hot fix for it already. It doesn't seem like a difficult fix unless there is a whole mess of problems that occured during the last update. 

DariusGalaxyz 08/29/17 15:17

I'm having this exact problem too, immediately since the v1.1 update. I really truly hope they don't wait until the next update because that would be at least an entire month not beeing able to compare stats without having to manually move each piece to the top row first? Could you imagine having to do that with every piece of loot that you obtain? Please don't wait until the next update. I like very very rarely see DD2 updates in-between the big updates, but I urge Trendy to fix simple crucial bugs in-between major updates.

Also, it's not just the bottom of the inventory, even if it's the 2nd or 3rd row, it can be an issue.

Edited on: 08/29/17 15:18
13dot 08/29/17 23:05

This general problem has existed since DD2 came out of beta, but was made worse in the Adept update. 

Devs: the current system computes the coordinates of the box based on cursor position. This is fine for X direction because the width of the box is fixed. However, this works badly in the Y direction. Please compute the height of both item card boxes with text filled in, and then properly position the boxes on the Y axis.

Razeki 08/30/17 14:40

I was about to post about this text bug, but it seems i simply needed to vote =) 

PS to some comments below, I wouldn't say it makes the game "unplayable" but instead non-convenient. 

Captainpsteel 08/31/17 14:25

Again on PC

This is an issue that was around before full launch and is still persisting.

you can manually compare each item but this is not quick and sometimes after a few rounds there can be a lot of stuff to compare.

Chris 09/01/17 22:05

Someone PLEASE fix. PC AND console are having the same issue! Make the game playable again!!!

Chris 09/01/17 22:18

This is literally the most annoying thing ever to deal with and I'm sure everyone else feels the same. Bug fix time ASAP

13dot 09/08/17 22:36

This bug has been mostly addressed in patch 1.1.1, but not fully. Comparing Pets still does not work as expected, and the item boxes can fall off the bottom of the screen.

McDoggo 09/12/17 23:07

It is now fixed for comparing equipped weapons and armors but this bug still occur in comparing equipped pets.