Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

SA Does not slow down Mobs (Windows)

From a video I took, it doesn't look like Idle flow is slowing the mobs down. 


I created a video and put it on youtube so you can hopefully see what I see.


Does this look at all slowed down to you? 


Video here:

Deadringers posted this bug on11/09/16
Reij 11/09/16 15:48

Thank you for submitting this. The Idle Flow passive does not slow enemies by very much, so the effect will not be as dramatic as the slow added by Huntress' Oil Flask for example. What is the percentage slow on the Idle Flow you have equipped there?

Deadringers 11/12/16 16:48

 Hey Reij,


This is a 66% idle flow passive.


So that should be a 3rd slow down...which is fairly significant. 



[TE]Sev3n 11/22/16 17:16

I haven't been able to reproduce this. My Serenity Aura slows monsters even when I have an Idle Flow item equipped.  Can you check to see if this issue is still occurring to you. If so, do you have multiple items with passives that affect Serenity Aura?

Deadringers 12/20/16 04:08

Hey  [TE]Sev3n ,


Sorry for the late reply on this one! 

To answer your question, yes I have a few items which affect Serenity Auara, they are as follows:


  • Infernal Combuster - 398.8% Purge Evil
  • All other Gear has at least "Radiance - Increases all Aura radiuses by 2/3%"
  • Gloves have 57% Karma Vortex
  • Medallion has Idle flow - 66%, Empower - 25% and Radiance 2%.


Does this help at all?


Do you perhaps want more videos?


Let me know! :) 

ConnorM 03/16/17 17:06

Fixed by removal.