Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2's torso gets twisted (Windows)

It's easy to replicate:

And results in this:


K-ToF posted this bug on11/07/16
K-ToF 11/07/16 09:13

Oh, hey, this happens to the gunwitch too if she's using the sniping mode.

CrusadeR 11/08/16 01:21

This happens to me to as EV2. But only in the Harbinger map after completion.

K-ToF 11/09/16 21:36

So, why was this marked as "needs your help"?

It's easy to replicate and happens 100% of the time.

CrusadeR 11/20/16 03:41

<video controls="controls" width="300" height="150"> </video>

Video of the bug.

CrusadeR 11/20/16 03:44

I'm unable to edit my own comments. Link to video here