Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Moving items with auto sort on (Xbox One)
When two bags have auto sort on you can now move items between them. However when moving many items and placing them in any empty space you will see that some empty spaces in the bags are not counting as empty and you cannot place items there to add to the bag.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Have several items in one bag and several in another. Have auto sort on for both bags. Move half the items from one bag to the other bag, dropping them in any empty area. You'll notice the first few slots that are empty become undroppable as if there is not room in the bag. 

Expected Results: Make sure empty slots are empty in bags with auto sort on.

NoLubeNoMercy posted this bug on08/03/17
Mordiev 11/24/17 06:43

Was about to report this myself.   Here is another detail. Assume the bag is a grid like battle ship with A-H down counting rows and 1-10 counting column. I want to move three items into this bag. All of row A is full. And B has 1-5 full. C 1-10 are empty.   I can drop my first item.  Into C 1 and it works but it is sorted so it looks like it is moved to B6. I try to move second item and I try to put it into C1 and it won’t let me. It thinks it is occupied. I have to drop the item into C2. And the third item into C3 even though the entire row looks empty.