Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Angry Nimbus randomly stops targeting (Windows)
Angry nimbus will randomly stop targeting mobs and will not work for the remainder of the map. This was on Throne Room, Chaos 3, partway through round 4.
Repro Chance: 30%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Build a map with only World Trees, Spike Blockades, and Angry Nimbus.  I had 17 Nimbus total on the map and all stopped moving and targeting at the exact same point.

Expected Results: Angry Nimbus should continue targeting mobs throughout the entire duration of the map.

gotrunks712 posted this bug on07/29/17
Maverick_Hunter7 08/29/17 14:38

I've had this same issue, once doing C6 Dead Road nimbus-spam build, then again doing C3 Dead Road (twice) trying to recreate it.  This is on PS4 for me.  It has happened mid-way through round 5 each time.  I haven't been able to recreate it on other maps yet (tried on Bastille and Sewers c3).

In my third attempt, I sold some Angry Nimbi and redeployed, and those new Nimbi worked while the original ones were stalled.

Links to vids:

1)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXcs0pbQG6c

2)  https://youtu.be/67tubQFN45w?t=540

3) https://youtu.be/R8zqbVAoRFQ?t=470 

Cpt.Fubar 09/12/17 12:56

I can confirm this behavior (PC). Especially at the last wave on "The Dead Road" map.

NC just stops in his track and won't move until the end of the map.

Natfrog 09/26/17 07:25

This seems to be happening more and more frequently now. I have to despawn the tree and resummon it to get them going again.

Leonardo 09/28/17 17:47

Yes I saw this Bug Please fix this BUG ASAP

NIMBUS Randomly STOPS ATTACK and Freezes in their place !!! and They do not moving or attacking

TheGreatEldarius 10/04/17 14:05

same happend to me 

13dot 10/19/17 01:10


Encountered this in C1 Mastery, Ramparts map. Almost all of the Nimbuses I built just sat on their grass pad and never moved. I had to sell and rebuild them to get them going again. Based on above comments, it does not appear to be map-specific and occurs randomly everywhere.

Dorn 11/09/17 07:18

This is 100% reproducible on chaos trials map "Throne Room". The Nimbus will stop attacking in Wave 4. (Does not happen on campaign map, which has a scripted boss on wave 4)

Lost two matches to this until I realized what happened, confirmed it a couple times. 100% of the matches the Niumbus will stop targeting in the middle of the wave and just hover wherever they happen to be at that moment.

Also 100% reproducible on chaos trials map "Dead Road" in wave 5.

Zeromatter 12/03/17 23:42

As stated, can reproduce on Dead Road C2 mastery map on wave 5. Of note, sometimes all of the nimbuses freeze, sometimes one or two continue to be able to attack. The nimbuses do start their attack animation and head towards a point, but once that enemy dies they get "stuck" at that position and don't do anything from there. 

Jinx 12/05/17 08:38

Happens on some maps in Chaos trials, Dead Road, Throne room - these got this bug 100% of time.

It`s been few months and bug is still here, makes my Dryad useless.

Hope this will get fixed.

Edited on: 12/05/17 08:45
Murdash 01/05/18 11:20

Lost my win streak thanks to this bug that was reported half a year ago... Why dont you fix game breaking bugs?


C3 dead roads 5th wave

Murdash 01/26/18 06:14

video proof


Little Magic Hat 02/26/18 15:13

Chaos 7, Dead Road, Wave 5 they will all stop functioning.