Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Ascension Bug in UI (Windows)
So I've got an 4K screen running at 2560 x 2180 and my interface is all messed up.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Open up your character interface to check the ascension progress bar.

Also the endscreen (loot, gold, xp etc etc) is messed up.

Expected Results: Screen is messed up.

Nionexis posted this bug on07/27/17
Nionexis 07/27/17 15:13

I meant 2560 x 1440, my mistake *

LolBozo 07/28/17 21:15

Same bug, also wanted to note that on campaign levels, for me, the flag that says "Press any button to continue" is also bugged and moved halfway up the screen

OnBoard 07/29/17 18:59

I've posted 4K resolution bug over a week ago, but still under review :/ So since this is the same bug, Imma gonna steal it :P I run 3840x2160 and all heronames in game and same font used in options are super huge.

Nionexis 07/30/17 16:40

The more people who got this problem, the better it is. Since it will be fixed faster then. (I hope...)

Cyborg3201 08/03/17 04:35

also got 2560 * 1440

lots of UI scaling bugs   , windows to big to show proper 


changing windows ui scale slider , does not help (from 125% to 100%)