Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Beat the Heat Bundle (Windows)
I was playing on this account on a different computer with the newest update. Got the Free Beat the Heat bundle, didn't activate the free 4,000 Defender Medal gift and did not equip the free pet. I logged out, used another computer without the new update yet, because i was forgot to update. Went to Tavern, and the free 4,000 Defender Medal gift and pet where gone. The items of the Squire are still on the char. I did not sell the pet and 4,000 Defender Medal gift. I quit the game, let it update trough Steam, went back online and the items where still not there.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Get the free beat the heat bundle on updated game, log back in on out dated game.

Expected Results: The 4,000 Defender Medal gift and pet are gone.

NikitaTheMouse posted this bug on07/27/17
NikitaTheMouse 07/27/17 13:44

I am online right now, the first thing i mentioned when i was joining the Tavern was, i received a message that the 4000 medals where in the mailbox. The pet was not there.

D.Gonzalez 07/27/17 13:48

 I modified your profile as you logged on there's a chance you didn't catch the save for the pet being put into your bags. Double check your first bag.

D.Gonzalez 07/27/17 13:51

I can re-redeem the pet for you at which time you log off so I can remodify your current profile. But this does require you to remain offline while I upload your modified save for the pet to be in your inventory.

D.Gonzalez 07/27/17 16:18

 (⌐■_■)b I was able to restore the pet to your save while you were offline and upload the saved profile with the pet to your account, he should be in the first slot of your first bag. Good luck!

Loges324 03/25/22 22:43
I was playing Mastery and got the notification that I earned the BEAT THE HEAT BUNDLE. Went back to private tavern but not in my inventory and cannot find it to "buy" anywhere