Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Demon Scythe irregular damage on Abyss Lord (PS4)
Demon Scythe does not do correct damage. 24k on normal secondary attacks, and 70K on charged secondary on C7 gear. And when it procs higher it goes 1024K on normal and 1070K on charged thats a difference of 4.5% increase between Normal and charged attack
Repro Chance: 80%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Equip Demon Scythe, spam secondary attacks


Expected Results: Most of the times, damage is 24k for normal secondary attacks and then 70k for charged attacks, on C7 gear. Then damage goes to 1024k for Normal and 1070K for charged, but again a difference between normal and charged of only 4.5%. Probably all values are off. I can assume scaling between 24k and 70k between charged and normal is correct, difference of around 291% but damage does not scale correctly off gear, and when damage scales correctly of gear does not scale correctly between charged and normal attacks.

sp3ci4LK posted this bug on07/10/17