Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Minimap bug away (Windows)
In trial II on the Liferoot forest map the minimap sometimes bug away. It is not a personal client problem my friends also seen this bug.
Repro Chance: 20%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Join in the Liferoot forest map until the minimap is not missing.

2. If the minimap is not avialble try to turn off and on but the minimap still missing.

Expected Results: Rejoining could help.

BigBug posted this bug on07/09/17
Dr.Shadox 07/13/17 09:01

I've also this issue , my GF start a game in this map (i was here wwhen she start the map and i've click "stay together") , she see the map but for me it's gone. (so in our case its like a personal bug).

Note i've only this issue on Liferoot Forest (got the bug 3 time in a row but at the begining i think it was working) , so for now its 100% proc chance (in our case).

We play both on PC.

Zenois 08/18/17 20:25

I am also having this bug as are some of the friends I play with. I am not sure if it happens on other maps also though.

Galileo77 09/11/17 10:43

On PC, this occurred twice over the weekend, over six instances during one run of Trials/Chaos II.

When it first occurred, I was confused in search of a "Toggle Minimap" shortcut key Or something similar but was dismayed to discover nothing was available.

Additionally on both runs,  it repeated the same Map on a Won run. On the second iterations, the minimap returned. 

Revolver36 10/14/17 11:33

i got this problem many times on different maps

Lileen 11/14/17 11:23

I had the same issue, I was on the Liferoot forest map too.

Kanguroo 12/04/17 00:37

Very often bug for me. Liferoot forest, dead road and forest biome maps dont load minimap. Sometimes when i have played these maps in  this session before - minimap appears.

supurrrnova 02/18/18 18:23

I see this problem many times on multiple maps. Other players I'm with can see it and I can't or vice versa. 

Danny 03/06/18 15:14

The dead road does this as well. Usually rejoin 2-3 times before i get a mini map worst has been 10. Mastery seems to be the worst about it for some reason.

PC user

Lucifronz 04/25/18 04:00

Doing Onslaughts and one of the haunted forest maps had no minimap. Hard enough to solo that on a fresh-out-of-the-campaign character/account, but not being able to see where every enemy is coming from seriously hinders my ability to win a match.

cymmina 06/19/18 12:43


Happens during the incursion version of Liferoot Forest, too.  If I run this map, it's typically the first map of the day for my daily quest.  Both times I've had an invisible minimap, it was only on the first play through.  The minimap is visible on the 2nd and 3rd plays.

PowerDuDe_DK 07/01/18 09:55

It happens seems to be random to me. The map can dissapear in one wave, and reappear in the next. 

Wax 10/01/18 08:30

I’ve seen this map bug on other maps as well