Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Defeating an enemy for stack shards (Windows)
Shards like constructor and call of kobolts stack system works with defenses.This mean if you build this shards worth much more then when you dınt build.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:
  1. Equip constructor or call of kobolt shard
  2. Build tower yourself
  3. Check their stack count.
  4. Let others build in game
  5. check their stack count again.
Expected Results: Remove defences kills fill the stacks. Stacks only filled when enemy killed which you damage(like kill assist system in other games)

LineDrill posted this bug on07/05/17
D.Gonzalez 07/11/17 13:12

Do you mean Constrictor? Not Constructor.

LineDrill 07/12/17 15:41 @5137

yes (mystic weapon shard)

Edited on: 07/12/17 15:41
D.Gonzalez 07/21/17 13:30

Okay, this is a known issue. Thanks for reporting.

LineDrill 08/03/17 13:28 @5431

This bug still not fixed yet.You can try with mystic

Build you defences

Go where you can't damage enemies with your hero

Use your primary attacks

And see Constrictor shard stack still charging up

I only answer this because i see  Fixed 08/02/17 pop.If this means its will be fixed in next major patch do not mind this reply