Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Lavamancer can charge throught Spawns (Windows)
Lavamancer right click and jump can get behind spawners on probably any Map
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Pick Lavamancer on any map (Some spawns are harder than others, try gates at dragonfall left or right lane)

2. Jump and then use the right click ability (charge, dash) and aim for the center of the portal and the center of the lane behind it


3.  If you do it wrong, the Lavamancer will be stuck in mid air while still flying and right clicking will reset him to before the portal

4. If you do it correct, you land there naturally behind the spawn portal and on some maps you can build things there.



Some Lanes are harder to get, because you have to aim at the right place, or just charge very shortly


This bug only works when jumping, a ground dash will not get you through the spawners


Expected Results: You shouln't get behind the spawners

LotK posted this bug on07/05/17
D.Gonzalez 07/05/17 13:49

Thank you for your report, we will look at this issue.

JZsweep 07/06/17 03:37

Just tried it and it works.


LolBozo 07/22/17 03:29

i love this bug and was really hoping it wouldnt be submitted, its just so fun to play out side of the map XD


that said, it honestly should be patched, even though id love for it to stay