Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Tower in-game stats bugged (damage dealt) (Windows)
Sometimes, defenses show 1B, -1B or -2B as damage dealt instead of the correct value. I have seen it most often occuring with Ramsters though I have also seen it on others. It does not seem to occur to towers which see no action. Sometimes (rarely) the value returns to normal after dealing more damage (and the value appears to be accurate). I do not have a reliable method for reproducing this short of just placing lots of towers and waiting. Perhaps the first couple bits (or more) of the the display value are getting overwritten? That would explain seeing both negative and positive large numbers, and the number sometimes returning to the correct value.
Repro Chance: 40%
Steps for Bug Repro:
  1. As Abyss Lord, set up many Ramster towers in lanes.
  2. Inspect the tower stats (specifically damage dealt).
  3. Damage dealt shows as 1B, -1B, or 2B.
  4. Rarely, after dealing more damage, damage dealt returns to normal.
Expected Results: Damage dealt should show the correct damage dealt, usually in K or M, and should never be negative.

fastolfe posted this bug on07/05/17
JZsweep 07/12/17 16:59

Ive seen this as the lavamancer as well. Very annoying. Happens to Sky Guard Towers, Volcanoes, Fissures, Flame Throwers and more. I'm not sure how its caused either but I cannot play a game without towers reporting the wrong damage upon inspection.

Edited on: 07/12/17 17:06
Partek 07/18/17 06:55

If a tower deals more than 2147483648 or 2^31 damage, it will continue counting numbers but down. If you deal the same amount of damage again it will display 0 and again and it will display -2B. Then it will start counting up again up to 0 and 2B and will repeat the process. The game can't record numbers over 2^31, I assume there is some technical stuff behind it. You can get this going in many places, such as damage on tavern dummies and anything else where you could possibly increase the damage infinitely.

Accordingly, this should be possible to achieve with any defense.

Xenistro 07/30/17 23:02 @5307

The issue inst how high or low the damage is, it's that it is incorrect. I've had the same bug happen to me on a campaign map on Normal difficulty, where all of the total health of enemies combined cant be over 1B, yet somehow get 1B on a turret facing one door. 

13dot 09/04/17 20:45

There are 3 related, but distinct problems I see here:

  1. 32-bit signed integer overflow. Devs, because Damage Dealt can be a large number in Chaos, please declare your variables as "uint64_t" or "unsigned long long". Modern processors do 64-bit arithmetic at the same speed as 32-bit, and the only cost is small increase in memory.
    Players: the two's complement integer used here goes from 0 to 2^31-1 (around 2 billion), then wraps to -2^31 (-2 billion), and goes back to -1, and then to 0 again.
  2. Rounding at 1B does not follow the same rules as 1M and 1K. It appears to round to 1B at 500M or something like that. That's why some towers show 1B much earlier than anticipated.
  3. The displayed precision for "billion" is only 1 digit, instead of 3 digits like M and K. It should show numbers like "1.23B", not just "1B". Devs, please adjust your sprintf format string or other format specifier to display the correct number of digits for billions. While you're at it, maybe add "T" for trillion as well.
Hampmir 04/03/18 05:55

This occurs on PS4 as well, very annoying. I have reported it too. I saw it on a flame aura as far as i remember

Myspherico 07/07/18 12:17

I’m having this bug currently with 2 of my characters. My abyss lords defences and all my monks defences. This affects me greatly because now I can’t solo chaos VII. My flame aura went from a standard 877k dps to only 100K and I haven’t changed any medallions or anything. My lightning aura has gone down from 1.04M to 105K dps and my sky guard towers have gone from 4.02M down to a whopping 685K... so with all these bugs I can no longer get the loot I need to gain gears. Please fix this. P.S: I’m on Xbox one and it’s been happening for the past 3 days

Edited on: 07/07/18 12:23
TrueLoneReaper 05/01/19 17:07

This is still a problem almost 2 years later. Can we get a fix for this please?

Mashy 06/15/22 12:08
If a player has already built a tower in a round and you then joint this round, the damage display of the tower is bugged and is not displayed correctly, but this bug has existed for a long time