Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Slime Traps. (Xbox One)
The slime traps have an ai issue with flying enemies. They choose to lock on and stand under a flyer, rather than attacking the enemies attacking world trees. Also, they seem to not go behind the world tree if placed in front of them. This becomes a serious issue in c4 especially since the Berserkers go behind barricades and attack them.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

On the map Greystone Plaza, if you place 2 trees in the upper right lane, (Closer to the doorway, I usually put 2 down) and then put spine traps in front of it, the slimes will agro on the flyers that come and attack the trees, staying under it and just jumping, while the enemies destroy the trees in front. 

This is a big issue in c4 for me since the berserkers go behind the barricades and attack. 


You can also do this in Forgotten Ruins, if you place the trees parallel to the dead tree in the upper middle lane, (I put 3) and then put a slime trap too close to the edge on the right, in front of the dead tree, the slime trap will agro onto those flying enemies and stay there on that bottom cliff and jump, unable the respawn or get back up. 


(If pictures ore videos are needed, I can link some)

Expected Results: The slime traps should agro only on ground units, and should be able to go agro behind tree barricades since they have no problem jumping through spike blockades to attack enemies.

AuraReign posted this bug on07/01/17