Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Very old itsy-betsy pet doesn't evolve properly (doesn't change shape, but get new texture that doesn't fit) (Windows)
Evolve and itsy-betsy pet that i've got not long after the full wipe. Thetexture update but the shape is still the same. so the eye is currently on the horn/spike on top of the head.
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In the short description. I have no idea if this bug can occure since it's a 10'000 token pet.

Expected Results: The pet's form should have change too, not just the texture

Luigi007 posted this bug on06/30/17
Belldannie 07/29/17 21:50

I just evolved my Isty-Besty to Veteran status, and I am also having a texture issue. However, my pet has the right form with a wonky skin. For instance, its eyes are up on its horns. Funny, but I'd love to see Itsy-Besty in its true glory, haha.

Spederis 08/17/17 23:38

mine is same as the first comment. the pet evolves and the model changes with it, but the textures are weird with the eyes up in the antenna/horn things.