Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Inspiring Strikes shard proccing from defenses' attacks (Windows)
The inspiring strikes shard decreases the cooldowns whenever any defense attacks.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Use an ability and measure the time it takes to cooldown.

2. Place a defense so that it is damaging any enemy/dummy (works best when there is a lot of defenses attacking).

3. Use the same ability and measure the cooldown time again.

2. Use anĀ 

Expected Results: The inspiring strikes shard should not decrease the cooldowns when defenses deal damage.

Partek posted this bug on06/27/17
PandynatorDD 06/27/17 18:30

So i play GW with this shard alot. And if my defenses were proccing this shard, it would pretty much mean I would have ZERO CD on all my skills. That is not the case. Is this hero specific?

Partek 06/28/17 06:09

It definitely seems to be the case on the monk, for the defenses, flame auras, weapon manufacturers and poison dart towers, but I'll make sure to test it on other heroes and defenses as well.

Edited on: 06/28/17 06:12
Partek 06/28/17 16:51

So apparently you can only edit once, so I'll post this in a new comment.

I've tried it on the gunwitch and the shard shortened the cooldowns when flame auras were attacking.