Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Cannot hit 'G' in onslaught (Windows)

When I create an onslaught game and build defense, if any player joins, they can't hit 'G' to start.

Once, I created the defenses solo, then 3 players joined. I hit 'G' but the rest of them couldn't and we couldn't start the game.

I had to ask 2 of them to exit and re-join to start the timer.

This happens in onslaught all the time.

CrusadeR posted this bug on10/31/16
RoseCrime 11/01/16 08:12

Cause of reward border.If it doesn't appeared while they joined and they didn't choised reward - they can't G...After 1 wave they'll can(choise and G both).
Already said it one some other thread...

AllPoundOne 11/08/16 22:50

To elaborate, once warm up has ended Joiners can not select reward or ready up by hitting g. If one person created map and 2 or more join after warmup the game comes to a stand still because the majority can not ready up. people have to leave and rejoin in order to allow the match to start and continue.