Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

XboxOne- Series EV2 Proton Charge Crashes game every time. (Xbox One)
We do Trails a lot and every time During the 5 wave process when i use EV I crash the game. The only time she seems to crash the game is when i use the Proton Charge move against a large group. In every experience with the crash I was in mid beaming a large group (Or boss) and the game would freeze. All the enemies would float and game would crash in a few secs later. In the 5 matches played with her on trails in each time it crashed. Certain times seem to make it happen like when a large group slamming against a wall and using the beam there or on boss. It crashes the game for everyone also.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Using EV2 (have meteoroid look if that matters)

2. Do a 5 wave trail mission

3. All through out the mission use the beam on large groups of enemies. 

4. Key areas like In front of walls (There all crashing into them and beating on them) or Boss fight with enemies around him. 

5. During the 5 rounds the crash well occur. The game well freeze and than crash.

Expected Results: I bought her so I least expect her to work and be able to use in game. Not been able to use the beam is taking biggest weapon from her. A quick response would be great but I understand server issues as of late on xbox so I can wait just very sad. I really love this character.

XxRozayxX posted this bug on06/23/17
ConnorM 06/26/17 18:13

This was fixed on PC and PS4, but the Xbox missed it. It will be fixed with our next patch.

Gimmy 07/02/17 09:16

For now just dont overheat stop before.