Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Crashing all the timexbo (Xbox One)
Xbox one dd2 crashes when returning to tavern every damn time
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

press start

press A on leave game



Expected Results: Crashing

Doctor_loser posted this bug on06/23/17
ConnorM 06/23/17 10:42

There is currently a known issue with the Xbox where it often crashes when entering a Public Tavern. Using Private games and Private taverns should keep the game from crashing. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we are trying to get a fix out as soon as possible.

XgenFreak 07/02/17 19:24

Have the same problem. Able to join matches and have fun but once the level is done I have to restart the game. Luckly my gear is saved.  I would also say that trying to join the tavern from the start menu also makes it crash. I do all my join match from the private tavern. Never had this problem yesterday. Started up for me just today.

FROSTYMEX1CAN 07/03/17 03:14 @4911

Same problem here, mainly after we finish a map game freezes or crashes and have to dashboard and start a new one

River 07/05/17 12:18

Same problem here. Crashes when loading town, returning to tavern after level completion, loading a map. Crash crash crash. Love the game but the crashing is making it frustrating to play. I get around 20 crashes in a gaming session before it makes me stop playing because I'm tired of restarting the game.

NiteHuntress 07/11/17 14:57

My friend also has this problem on Windows.

Complete game, return to private tavern, cant enter war battle,

Goes to town, game crashes.

He says it happens more often when in party

Valreesio 07/11/17 19:27

I have noticed that the crashing happens more often when you look at your inventory for more than a few seconds. If I come out of a match (public or private) and don't look at my inventory, I can go into another. If I look in my inventory it will crash when I try to enter another match (again public or private).