Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Can sometimes put an Weapon Manufacturer node directly on a Flame Aura staff. Bling King Incursion only. (Windows)
Was doing the Bling King incursion on C3 to unlock it a weapon. I noticed that if I was an EV2 and did an inspect on an existing Flame Aura, I could then summon a WM node right next to the 'staff'. Not always repeatable.
Repro Chance: 30%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Summon a Flame Aura

Change to EV2

Get close to the aura and inspect it.

WHILE the inspect window dialog is up, summon your Weapon Manufacturer and try to place nodes as close as possible to the 'staff'.

OR immediately after summoning the aura, try to place a WM node on the staff. The first node MIGHT be able to be built right on the staff [occupying  the same spot]. The 2nd and other nodes obey the expected restrictions.

I can usually duplicate this for just one aura / node combo. The others seem normal.

Expected Results: Normally, a WM node cannot be summoned directly adjacent to the staff, it will display 'blocked location' and the ghost / shadow of the nodes will be highlighted in red.

Asphe posted this bug on06/23/17
Asphe 06/24/17 10:37

More experimentation later...

1. Summon Flame Aura

2. Summon Weapon Manufacturer [and get the tool to place nodes]

3. Target Flame Aura 'staff' and press 'E' to inspect.

4. Place WM node anywhere you like. Even directly onto the 'staff'

Edited on: 06/24/17 10:37
Asphe 06/24/17 10:38

100% reproducible on any map. Any location.

Asphe 06/24/17 11:54