Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Heroic Power shard does not function fully upon first load into map (Windows)
For the Heroic Power shard's effect to work properly, you need to take off the shard and put it back on. The shard's effect is cut in half after you switch to another hero and back to the monk. (I run a nuke monk, 21mil nuke if I swapped heroes, 25mil nuke if I took off the shard and put it back on)
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Equip the heroic wave shard onto your monk.

2. Switch to another hero, and then switch back to the monk

3. Use heroic wave (with Heroic Power on your chestplate) and then left click or right click with the monk on a dummy.  Check the dps.

4. Take off Heroic Power, and then put it back onto your chestplate. Check the dps.

If you happen to have a pet cat with gato fireworks, use that, it's more accurate than dps, since pet nuke damage doesn't change due to crits.

Expected Results: Expected Results: Your dps should have increased after you took off heroic power and put it back on. (Which means the shard wasn't functioning properly after you switched heroes)

Elliott posted this bug on06/23/17
Petire 06/23/17 13:28

Edited Title to more depict what is happening. The first time the character loads the shard does not function fully. I have added this to our internal tracker. Thanks for the report!

Elliott 07/18/17 13:37 @4691

No problem :)


Cryo 04/22/18 03:15

Shouldn't have edited the title actually, swapping heroes still diminishes the damage boost from using Heroic Wave. 

Edited on: 04/22/18 03:16
Cryo 04/22/18 04:56

 As seen here, this still occurs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO3Hv6NWm-8

Edited on: 04/22/18 04:57
Cryo 04/22/18 04:58


Accidentally linked it incorrectly if you clicked on it, this is the correct link.