Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Items unable to be auto-looted are not sent to scavenger at the end of a map. (Windows)
Items that are unable to be auto-looted are not sent to the scavenger. This means they become lost forever if they were auto-looted because the map had ended.
Repro Chance: 100%
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With a full inventory, items are unable to be auto-looted.  When completing a map in that state, the items are not sent to the scavenger.  If this is working as implemented, then I kind of feel like it shouldn't work that way.  If I was to go around and manually loot each of them, they would all be sent to the scavenger, so I feel like auto-loot should have the same outcome just less manual.  At the ends of the non-final wave, it would be ok for items to remain on the ground rather than sent to the scavenger, but again, in that scenario were you to manually collect them, they would be sent to the scavenger.

Expected Results: Items that fail to auto-loot are sent to the scavenger, at the very end of a map at least.

SupaFly posted this bug on06/22/17