Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Mystic's 100% appeasement buff not working after switching heroes (Windows)
When you have 100% appeasement on the Mystic and swap to another hero to kill wyverns for example, and then switch back to the Mystic, you don't get the 100% appeasement buff. The Obelisk Flamethrower is still working and dealing damage, but the buff icon doesn't show up below the healthbar and you don't get the movement speed.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Load up a map with at least the Mystic and any other hero in your Hero Deck.

2. Build an Obelisk, start the wave and kill enemies until you have 100% appeasement.

3. Switch to the other hero and switch back to the Mystic.

4. Appeasement is still at 100%, Obelisk Flamethrower is working, but no movement speed buff or buff icon below the healthbar.

Expected Results: This really is a game-changing bug for the Mystic gameplay, because you can only get the movement speed back if you spend your appeasement and then get it to 100% again, which takes about 20 seconds. 20 painfully slow seconds without a movement speed buff. Not sure how it is for other people, or how it interacts when switching to other heroes, I always encountered it when switching to the Apprentice or the Squire. Thanks for looking into it!

Sellion posted this bug on06/21/17
D.Gonzalez 06/22/17 17:37

We're looking into this issue.

D.Gonzalez 06/22/17 18:11

I cannot seem to repro the full loss of buffs from the player Mystic after hotswap, either in combat or build phase. 

iSync 06/24/17 00:13 @4681

This is 100% reproducible with the following steps:

1) Play normally for one round.  Make sure the Mystic is fully appease with 100 and has her movement buff.  Also, end Round 1 with her as the current hero.

2) Once round 1 ends and entering Build Phase for Round 2, switch to another hero and then switch back to the Mystic.  Her appeasement is still at 100 but she lost her movement buff (also no snake circling animation around her)


Edited on: 06/24/17 00:15
Sellion 06/24/17 16:21 @4681

It doesn't work for me every time, but around 80% of the time i lose the movement speed buff. You could try the steps from @iSync in the comment below.