Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Can not autoloot Apprentice items. (Windows)
If you click 'All' next to heroes, or any other method of setting auto-loot to pick up items for the Apprentce, click confirm, then open auto-loot settings again, you'll notice that Apprentice has been excluded from auto-loot settings again. This applies to all bags, except maybe the last three I don't have.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Open Bag Settings.

Activate Apprentice for auto-loot.

Click Confirm.

Open Bag Settings again to check.

Expected Results: Uh… to be able to auto-loot Apprentice items? To not be able to auto-loot Apprentice items? Is this expected results for nomal behaviour, or the bug-induced behaviour?

that girl posted this bug on06/21/17
ConnorM 06/21/17 14:03

Note: This should just be visual so you should still be auto-looting apprentice items from my testing.

Czokalapik 06/23/17 17:23

I think it's not only visual, i'm 90% certain i had 2 legendary staff drops, haven't paid much attention to them, but when i went to my inventory after the game, there was only one (for monk).

Jinxyface 06/26/17 08:48

It's not a visual bug. All of my Apprentice loot ends up in my first bag, which is for my Squire.

WavingStory 06/26/17 10:11

Apprentice loot not looting?

I smell a conspiracy against the apprentice, all of these updates, even the fiery brimstone one...


All was a plan to nerf the apprentice :c

shckwav 06/27/17 12:23

I am experiencing the same as Jinxyface. I also tested it, by creating multiple scenarios. 

What it comes down to is that the Apprentice-icon always be grey-out, even after you activated it and click confirmed. The moment I re-entered the settings, the icon was greyed out again. Every bag I tested, the same result.

So my guess is there is something wrong with the overall bag settings / loot settings. ;)


tigy 06/28/17 22:58

This is also effecting my account. Apparentice loot is not being collected

JustaLuLnoob 07/02/17 15:56

yes this is a bug stop saying its not vote it up so it can be fixed i get apprentice loot but it can't auto loot it in the loot options i click he icon on her wepons and on her armour on then click comfirm buttion on the top right go back to bag loot options and the wepon and armour still on but not the apprentice icon and itsd not visual my apprentice items go to a seprate bag if you think its visual it probably because your its your 1st or 2nd bag  so there auto going there I have a bag set up just for appentice in bag 3 and all her stuff goes to bag 2 because bag 1 is full simply because that wear there is free space and shes not alowed int he others. and if you get loot for 4 people and the other 3 work you can bypass to get the items wear you want but its still not visual there going there for a reson and when shes not clicked on it doesent work.

also maybee a seprate bug post i caint move items from 1 bag to another just can move around in same bag.


Edited on: 07/02/17 16:00
szczynk 07/10/17 11:52

please fix these,


LeChuck 07/11/17 20:41

I cannot set apprentice in the autoloot settings as well, every apprentice loot goes to the first bag which is not for the apprentice and has apprentice deselected. Every time i set apprentice in the apprentice bag it automatically deselect apprentice after i press confirm.

This problem started happening after I added some bags.

Edited on: 07/11/17 20:43
Dr.Shadox 07/17/17 02:43

It happen to me too but only visual , i play Apprentice as main and i still auto collect loot sine the first day.

Yevey 07/21/17 16:22

Happens to me as well. Figured out today. Oh all the items I must've lost...

Kaichu 07/24/17 21:37

100% it doesn't work. It's not just a visual bug. I was fine until I removed All-hero selected on every bag. Now it won't enable all hero auto-loot to any bag due to Apprentice auto-look not working.  

DariusGalaxyz 07/25/17 15:22

Same as Kaichu, all of the Heroes are activated for auto-loot until I deselected them all. Maybe it would have happened if only Apprentice was deselected, but I didn't notice this bug until I deselected everybody for a bag. I'm glad it's fixed pending the update. But something like this should be made as a small patch like right now, because it affects gameplay enough.