Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

wen the map finishes it doesn't go to the victory screen (Windows)
its a bug that happens wen i was playng in the first campaing map
Repro Chance: 10%
Steps for Bug Repro:

this happened me 1 but what happened was i was playing the first campain map and wen it finished i and the other players that got in mid game pressed G to finish the round and it got stuck there we all had pressed the G botton and i even asked them and nothing we were there and we could roam free but the map was never gona end

Expected Results: i hoppe you can fix this cause if it happens in every map it can be a real issue for the game and how he is meant to be played by farming maps a lot and getting stuck like that is not a pleasent thing to have cause farmers will not be able to get the bonus from the in a row compleation cause they need to disconnect so pls fix this

NoSwearPT posted this bug on06/20/17
ConnorM 06/21/17 17:40

Thanks for your bug report! We've investigated your report and followed your instructions, but we were unable to reproduce the bug on our end.

Being able to successfully reproduce a bug is critical to the process of bug fixing. Without a successful step-by-step list of instructions to get the bug to happen, we won't be able to fix this bug. If you (or anyone else reading this) have any additional information that could lead us to successfully reproduce this issue, please reply to this thread. If we do not receive any additional information, we will close this report in two weeks, and we'll ask you to resubmit the report once you have new details that could lead to a successful repro of this bug.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Yevey 07/21/17 16:21

This happened to my brother two days ago too. There was a lv 50 char insta killing everything. Maybe that has something to do?

Cryo 09/08/17 23:11 @5433

a level 50 char instakilling everything in campaign isn't anything unusual. There're 7 chaos tiers after campaign, and each tier drops more powerful gear. 

Barrialdragon 03/01/18 14:08

Happens on the Xbox One X as well

Racthoh 11/06/18 22:52

This issue still happens. It was less of a problem before because it would just choose a random map but now it throws you back to town. It's really annoying to lose a game win streak because there is nothing you can do if that screen pops up. 

hapkom2k 01/29/20 07:58

Same here. 

This happens quite often. But only when I'm not playing solo. And I'm also the leader of the group (I don't know how important this is). Victory screen is not shown, and then sends it to the city. Goodbye bonuses for win streak =(


well sometimes happens when I play alone.

Edited on: 01/29/20 12:20
jeremy57490 02/01/20 09:49

I have sometime the same bug and hate him because i lose my chain win. PLS fix this bug