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Sand Vipers are not receiving the damage increase from buff beams (Windows)

You can place a Buff beam on a Sand Viper but it does not buff it's DP (damage), only the ATK Rate is buffed. Sand Vipers should be buffed with DP by Buff beam too. The Sand Vipers are receiving the boost  from Boost Aura and lavamancer Eruption correctly. The DP boost from Buff Beam also does not work if you use the Split Vipers sphere. 

Steps to reproduce:

  • place a Sand Viper and wait till it's damage is maxed
  • place a Buff Beam over the Sand Viper
  • notice there is no damage increase, only the ATK Rate is increased

Expected result:

The Buff Beam also boosts the damage of the Sand Viper.

Dreamanime posted this bug on10/23/16
Petire 11/04/16 19:49

Let me know if you see any other towers that are not affected by any buffs in the game. Thanks for report. 

Drathmar 11/12/16 12:15

I think it is actually receiving buff. it's just hard to see on dummys

I came across a thing when i used the 3 beams sphere, removed it and it was still shooting 3 beams and started ramping up.

Then i upgraded the viper and it broke the beam and reset it so it was shooting only 1 beam again.

When i tested it out it seemed like buff beam increased dmg by about 10-20%, but it's really hard to tell, once https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/197/ gets fixed it'll be easier to tell

RoseCrime 11/24/16 04:09

Similar issue here:

You can mark mine as declined,i love this one more cause of formalization :D
(mine marked as recent report too)

I'll just add video here: