Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Switching chars doubling passives on gravity bomb / Big Boy (Windows)

If you activate a gravity bomb with another char the initial passives on the EV placing them are doubled. Meaning the Big boy passives is working twice, the crit defense probably is doubled too (hard to test), the range passive for the grav bots is doubled.

This issue is probably global and is working on every passive. This is probably currently only noticable on the EV2 grav bots because these are interactive over multiple heroes. But with like the Man and Machine, where his defenses are controlable with other heroes too, might cause a bigger issue if his passives are doubled if some are made for him. In general any passive for interactive defense type or skill will eventualy be doubled by using or activating it with another character then the initial builder/ skill user.

This can lead to serious balance issues later on.

Steps to reproduce:

  • start the game
  • equip gear with big boy and range bot passive on your ev
  • place a big boy in the tavern near a dummy and activate it
  • notice the damage and range
  • place another big boy on the same spot
  • switch to any other char
  • activate the big boy
  • notice the damage is higher and the range is doubled

Expected result:

The passives are not doubled.

Dreamanime posted this bug on10/23/16
Reij 11/14/16 18:40

Thank you for submitting this bug. We've added it to our bug tracker