Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Let's Rock and Tectonic Breaker sphere only work if you equiped them first and cancel sometimes each other (Windows)

If you equip the sphere Let's Rock the lavamancer can generate a shield which also absorbs damage by switching between Harden and Inflame mode. If you have already the Tectonic Breaker sphere equiped and place Let's Rock sphere after it in an sphere slot, then the Let's Rock sphere will not work. This also happens the other way around.

steps to reproduce:

  • equip the lavamancer with the Tectonic Breaker sphere first and then the Let's Rock sphere
  • use the Harden / Inflame skill and notice no shield appears
  • de-equip the Tectonic Breaker sphere
  • use the Harden / Inflame skill and notice a shield appears

Expected result:

The shield should appear after using the Harden / Inflame skill.

Dreamanime posted this bug on10/23/16
Reij 11/14/16 12:38

Thank you for submitting this bug. We're working on a fix for it.

Trendy 03/08/17 09:47

Fixed with the Trials Update as Sphere's system was replaced.