Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2's Mk 3 Skin Missing Legs (Windows)

Whenever I'm using EV2's Mk 3 skin, her legs will vanish and not reappear until I revisit the cosmetics shop.  After switching characters and returning to EV2, the legs will go missing again.



eatflesh posted this bug on04/20/17
insidious 05/25/17 00:49

this is happening to me also

insidious 05/25/17 00:53

it has something to do with the ball animation when switching characters .When i jump and switch to ev mid air it does the ball animation and i get legs but when i dont they go invisible

insidious 05/25/17 15:56

but that only works sometimes otherwise i have to die to get legs

Zolfried 06/06/17 10:25

me too.