Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Can not collect golden ingot in forest biome (Windows)

Golden ingot spawns, You gather it and go to the furnace to craft a key and then it says "Requires a golden ingot".

Tried collecting it multiple times


PrOxY posted this bug on04/19/17
Viper_Torushakai 04/20/17 23:37

I have had the exact same issue during hard mode.  also during normal mode there have been times where i have collected the souls and not had them in my inventory after match.


Ubara-tutu 04/21/17 12:55

Just had this happen to me on the incursion.

Hagar_am 04/24/17 06:13

Yesterday it happen to me at C4 trial map, spot in upper cave, gold was hanging from ceiling, you could E click on it, got a message, that gold ingot was collected, but it never fell from ceiling.

LjMjollnir 04/25/17 03:33

Here is a video showing this bug in action..

When you click E on the gold thingo the Bars are not being dropped to the ground for the player to pick up.

SpiderDanX 04/25/17 15:24

Yup! Same thing for me, too. Multiple times. Ch4 is where I played last and had it happen. Same spot, too: in the lower caves between the 2 middle lanes.

Rider 05/07/17 10:47

Well after i just got 7 souls after i finished the map a golden ingot spawned BUT i coudent pick it up nothing happened it said: A golden ingot has spawned but i coudent pick it up i tought it buged and it was invizible so i tried crafting the key and it didnt work so i coudent open the chest. PLEASE FIX.

Captainpsteel 05/26/17 17:57

I did a solo incursion and the gold did not spawn for me to be able to make the key, so I was unable to collect the chest.