Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Fissure of Embermount visual glitching on walls (Windows)

If you play the Unholy Catacombs incursion and place a Fissure of Embermount close to the walls, it will try to adjust to it and sometimes glitch heavily or z-fighting can also occur. The texture from Fissure should also not be placed on walls. This does not look beautifull and the world of DD2 is a beautyfull looking one.

steps to reproduce:

  • start¬†Unholy Catacombs incursion
  • build a Fissure of Embermount near the wall next to the nexus
  • notice how it visualy glitches or z-fighting occured

Expected result:

No visual glitches on the Fissure of Embermount near walls.


Dreamanime posted this bug on10/23/16
koofeman 09/15/17 10:27

This happend to me yesterday on that map. I dont think the glitch is fixed. I played Chaos trials on that map.