Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Scrolling in game selection screen causes inability to select game (Windows)

Happened after the 20.0 Patch: When scrolling down in the open games at the war table I can not select a game.

What happens: I select Any Game Mode + Any Difficulty + Any Map  (so that there are many open games). Then I click once on a open game (works). Then I scroll down the list and try again to click once on a open game, but this does not select the game.

Tried restarting the game, did not fix it.

William Dalton posted this bug on04/19/17
Ticoptica 05/02/17 22:22

I confirm, but it's not making unable to select a game, you need do go lower than the selection. Maybe just the name are scroling and not the "links"


Makrea 05/12/17 19:00

Also happens to me...... Very annoying bug...

iamisom 06/02/17 11:49

Thank you so much for filling out this report, Sir William Dalton! We believe we have fixed this in our latest patch. If you're still experiencing this, please fill out another bug report with the updated information. 

Edited on: 06/02/17 11:50