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cannot unequip relics (PS4)

I can move relics from one slot to another on a hero. I can also equip and unequip shards from a relic, but I cannot unequip a relic so that it goes back into inventory.

soda_taffy posted this bug on04/19/17
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 04/19/17 14:19

Yeah, its just a controller issue in general with all items. not just relics. you can unequip things still by picking it up and moving it back to the inventory. we'll take care of it in the next patch.

soda_taffy 04/19/17 17:19 @3130

Wow, didn't even know you could do that - pick something up from a hero and drop it into a bag. Thanks. Also, sorry - I  was typing a more accurate bug report while your reply was being posted here, so you're going to get a dup from me.

n8hfx 04/19/17 21:38

I'm hoping you mean hot fix and not patch. All of these inventory bugs are getting to me, every patch there's a new one, you've got to test this stuff because I'm losing interest fast.

Empyruema 04/20/17 11:31

How do I unequip items on ps4 where there's no mouse to drag the item into inventory? 

Oh wait I see what you mean now, disregard.

Edited on: 04/20/17 11:35
bestninjaever 04/23/17 02:57

Same here the square button does nothing when i click it even waiting multiple minutes then trying again

iamisom 06/02/17 11:57

Thank you for the bug report, Oh Wise & Beautiful Soda_Taffy. (Can we call you beautiful without this getting weird?) We believe we've fixed this issue in a previous patch. If you're still experiencing this, please fill out a new bug report, and we'll look into this ASAP.