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Monk Boost Blockade Health Sphere does not increase current health of fully repaired walls (Windows)

The Monk sphere "Boost Blockade Health" increases the health of a wall by 25%, but when placing it in range of an existing 100% health wall the wall will gain +25% max health but its current health will not change and it appears to be damaged. If you place the Boost Aura first and then the wall it behaves similarly - it appears to have the original health and max health for a second, but then only the max health increases.

geo981010 posted this bug on10/22/16
Reij 11/14/16 18:15

Thank you for submitting this bug. We've added it to our bug tracker

aki 12/02/16 20:45 @625

yes All Blockade's only the max health increases. (World Tree、Viper's Fangs、Maw of the Earth Drake、Skeletal Orc、Colossus)

Nerva 03/04/17 13:59

This bug applies to all situations where a defense's maximum health is boosted after its construction, regardless of source or target.  The recipient's newly-increased health is 'empty' until the next time the defense is upgraded or repaired.

Trendy 03/08/17 09:47

Fixed with the Trials Update as Sphere's system was replaced.

Nerva 03/11/17 04:50

This is still occurring.  Just because the sphere's gone doesn't mean the bug is too.  The Boost Blockade shard still produces the problem.

Whenever a tower or blockade has their health boosted by any outside effect (as opposed to internal effects within the defense's own relic, like Fortification), the newly-gained health isn't filled until the defense is repaired or replaced.

Edited on: 03/11/17 04:52