Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Skyguard Towers are broken (Windows)

SGTs have a targeting problem or a range problem, when flyers get in range they attack and get a delay before attacking 

Demo posted this bug on04/05/17
Krynn 04/07/17 10:16

they are not attacking in range i have range shard on skyguard tower but mobs flying unharmed on sgt. tower attack rate not correct and not 3 hits on 3 mobs sometimes fires 2 or 1 bolt on multi target. and dps numbers incorrect 3x attack dmg X attack rate = dps if that is the formula its not coorect even  3x (attack dmg+crt dmg)  X attack rate = dps is not correct too. its way too low...

gatsu10 04/08/17 07:46

Agreed. Attack rate is not working properly and range is not being affected properly. Two squire cannons currently does a better job at managing fliers than two Skyguard Towers, with the same medallion.