Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Weapon Manufacturer doesn't crit (Windows)

Weapon Manufacturer currently does not crit.  (patch 19.5)

The tooltip shows 30% with full ascension crit chance, but no crits ever happen.

Rahlence posted this bug on04/04/17
Rahlence 04/04/17 20:50

Addition to this: it doesn't crit until you switch heroes and and then switch back.  Then it's fine.

calmchaos 04/05/17 04:41

I can confirm this bug, as well as the part about switching makes it crit again.

Juicebags 04/05/17 21:34

Here is some video back up for this one, gotta remember to switch! 

Darkx 04/10/17 11:42

confirmed i have well over crit cap and cant get a single crit. tried bringing my self down to 10% crit still no crits. untill you switch chars. confirmed

Edited on: 04/10/17 11:43