Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Unequip All Shards Function result in loss of Shards (Windows)

On two seperate occasions has this happened to me and both times I noted that it was after using the Unequip All shards option on relics. After clicking the option the shards are unequiped but are not returned to the inventory bags. I noticed because while I was trying to the equip the shards to a relic with higher stats, the shards did not show up as an option in the pop up menu. After minutes of carefully searching each bag , the shards were no where to be found. So far it has only happened twice so I can't confirm it happens everytime. .Hopefully this can be fixed easily  so that people don't have to lose the shards that they spent hours grinding for.

-R.I.P Attack Rate Shard 2017-2017

Bryang922 posted this bug on03/24/17
Bryang922 03/24/17 06:51

Scratch this, It may not be a bug. If your bag is full the shards are moved to the scavenger. But still if you dont know they are there they disappear If you dont pick them up.

ConnorM 03/24/17 11:17

It is intended that the shards go the scavenger when they are unequipped with a full inventory. The bug here is that it doesn't tell you they go to the scavenger or that it lets you unequip them with a full inventory.

Hagar_am 05/16/17 11:02 @2816

Yesterday I did that, there was a info that my shard went to scavenger, I checked and my shard wasn't there, can you give me my fully upgraded Harbinger’s Powered Block back?