Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Abyss Lord Using GLOVES OF STORMS (Windows)

I was curious what happen if I use gloves of storms on my Abyss Lord. So Basicly holding down left click (basic attack) spawn 1 lightning storm and no more. And when u tap left click many times, it spawn 1 lightning every second.
"It should work like if you are holding down abyss basic attack, it should be spawning lightning storm every second like Huntress while using gloves"

Zui posted this bug on10/19/16
Petire 10/20/16 12:46

This appears to happen with any character that has a constant attack. E.G. Monk using glaive of storms.

Ivan The Ninja 01/06/17 21:41

Well I guess no dps AL for a while for me.

ConnorM 03/16/17 17:33

Fixed by removal.