Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Poison Dart Tower dealing 2x damage. (Windows)

This isn't really a bug but just something I'm waiting for you guys to fix and not sure if you're aware of it and if you're working on it right now.

The PoisonDartTower's(PDT) Poison Damage originally increased overtime on afflicted targets but that was removed in favor of just leaving the Poison Damage at a flat amount and with increased damage. On the release of the Journey Begins Patch someone probably turned on the damage increasing and forgot to turn it off. It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes and not alot of people seem to realize that its there or why its doing double damage.

(TL:DR) Every Poison Tick after the first is dealing twice the damage of the Poison Damage listed in the PDT's Stat.

Random Asian posted this bug on10/19/16
Petire 10/19/16 12:44

There are some issues when inspecting other player's defenses, but the inspect defense was not changed when the Poison Dart Tower was not changed correctly during the Power Up and Power Surge updates. Thanks for the report.

RoseCrime 10/24/16 07:48 @247

Em...It's not about inspecting other player's defences.
I tryed it on my own - Poison deal X2 poison damage both on mobs and Dummys.
Poison inspect,damage,dps.As you can see -it's 22k poison damage+412 atack damage,BUT.
It deal 44k poison damage every 0.85s (dps 66k)

Tubenstein 11/15/16 11:08

Still the case after newest update

Looking forward to fix of that

RoseCrime 11/17/16 12:43

Hope they'll check this thread some day :D
pretty important bug...

Petire 11/17/16 17:43

I make sure to check every thread I comment in when I have time. This "issue" is more a display issue than anything else. The PDT tower inspect defense don't understand out new way of "stacking" since the power surge update, so the Poison damage shown is actually what the old "base" damage would be before any stacks, Now poison is applied as if it were at "max stacks."

Tubenstein 11/18/16 04:57 @831

Thanks for clearing that out. So it seems, this ridiculous damage on PDT, is by design.

However, it would be lovely if you could check PDT in comparison to other towers, as it just outclass every single tower in the game, while being AoE, DoT and cost just 40DU.

I believe the fact, this tower is overperforming was the reason to above bug report, or at least the reason, it was voted quite a few times.

Anyway, thanks for answers.

Voidq 11/30/16 07:09

In all honesty, if the PDTs poison was actually ticking for the inspected value AND if you removed either the 20% bonus poison damage from Toxic Shock or the 25% (I believe) poison damage sphere, the PDT would still be stupidly strong given the cost (40 DU).

RoseCrime 12/09/16 11:51

Just as opinion:
Why it's better then any other towers:
(and we see it pretty overpowered)
1.It have X2 damage of any other tower with same DU and mana cost (or even higher cost).
2.Double damage also means much better damage scaling per upgrade.

(same upgrade cost but much more damage per upgrade comparing to other towers)
3.It deal damage more then on 1 enemy per 1 shot...or per second...or per any moment and doesn't reduce damage with each shot or somethin' else.
4.In simple words : it's DOT-damage
Just 1 shot for like 10 Ticks on 2 enemies...(with double damage,remain ticks less)
It don't need to attack this targets to deal damage as other towers.
It also deal damage when kill enemies.
6.Health Passive.
We can use them as blocks.Not that good idea,but whatever.

Here's no towers to compare at least cause of double-damage per tick.
If it will deal regular inspect damage - it will not be that overpowered.

Edited on: 12/09/16 12:02
Nebucadneza 12/11/16 17:31


summed up the Bug here with screenshots

its been in the game for like 6 month now... how could this pass QA????

It would be fun to use other Towers while dont feel like an idiot doing so