Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Glitched Relic (Windows)

As i was going through my heroes, equipping them with Relics,i had a legendary relic with 3 shards in it. i tried un-equipping it and i couldn't get it to un-equip. after some time of trying, it started creating ghost copies in my bags, which could be sold, but nothing else. at that point, it looked like all of the ghosts have been removed. i try again to add relics to hero, and there is a invisible, un-equitable relic. I would include screenshots, but like i said, the slot shows up empty, but you cant put anything in it.

PS - Not sure if this belongs under loot, hero or general

 - Thunderwhere

Thunderwhere posted this bug on03/16/17
Petire 03/17/17 11:00

I am going to move this bug over to Needs your help, I was hoping it was a small issue as we have already fixed two users profiles that have gotten into this state. If you are having this occur please submit a ticket on our Support site so that our CS team can help you out: http://support.trendyent.com.

And if you have any more information upon how this is occurring to you please let us know, This is not an easy bug to replicate.