Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Annoyance shard activating even if you're not playing the hero that has the shard equipped (Windows)

The Annoyance shard seems to be taunting enemies, even if I'm not playing my Squire (who is the only one who has the shard equipped.  Occasionally, I will see enemies with the 'black scribblecloud' effect over their head, indicating that they're taunted, even when I'm playing my Huntress or Abyss Lord, who do not use Annoyance shards and do not have taunting abilities.

Since this only started occurring after I equipped Annoyance on my Squire (to help him keep attention in a fight, even when Provoke is on cooldown), it would seem that it's the culprit.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Equip an Annoyance shard on any hero in your deck - higher ranked is better, but even an unranked one will do
  2. Switch to any other hero during a combat phase
  3. As you fight, the newly-selected hero will continue to taunt enemies as though they had an Annoyance shard equipped

Nerva posted this bug on03/04/17
Nerva 03/04/17 13:52

Got a screenshot of this occurring.  Take a look at Griblok in this screenshot - he has the taunt effect on him, and it's causing him to grind his face against a wall to try and get to me because he can't jump.  This is despite the fact that I'm on my Abyss Lord, who doesn't use an Annoyance shard and has no Taunting capability.

Psomaster437 03/14/17 13:57

Agreed, I have a video of this occuring, here you go https://youtu.be/YftDu_TFrfE.