Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Abyss Lord gear shards & pet buff (Windows)


During the new patch, I got a Life leech shard. On my Monk, it works, but on my Abyss Lord, it does not. while the shard says it works on all classes and primary attacks.

Also, I have a Pet with Earth Damage and the Sandstorm ability ( +110% bonus hero damage & 50% movement speed for 7s). The bonus speed works but again, the bonus damage does not work. I also have a feeling the Bonus Hero damage shard for Chest seems bugged on Abyss Lord.

sh4d0wmantis posted this bug on03/02/17
[TE]Sev3n 03/02/17 18:38

Thank you for reporting the issue with the life leech shard. The other items that you mentioned are actually working normally. The Abyss Lord's primary and secondary attacks scale with Ability Power and not Hero Damage.

sh4d0wmantis 03/02/17 19:06 @2060

I just tested two gear set-ups in a mission. 

Ability Power : 4.5k : 8k magic dmg and 73k critical hits

Hero Damage : 6.2k : 28k magic dmg and 172k critical hits.

therefore I assumed that Abyss Lord's primary attack scales with Hero Damage.