Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Frostbite Tower bug (All Platforms)

Frostbite Towers not working as intended.

Frostbite Towers randomly stop working mid map, sometimes dont work at all other times seem uneffected.

  • Frosty Power can randomly stop working
  • Slow beam randomly stops working
  • Freeze can randomly stop working
  • Freeze can randomly freeze to often

Zimmermann posted this bug on10/15/16
Petire 10/17/16 10:16

This appears to be a targeting issue when two or more frosty towers attempt to target the same enemy. If you see this happen with only one frost tower per lane please link a video here.

Zimmermann 10/17/16 14:14

1 frosty per lane on Bastille incursion to prove its still broken. Its 100% not just a targeting issue.

I started recording as I was playing, so forgive the rather long video, but I was trying to win while setting up OBS. I will add the video shortly.


Zimmermann 10/17/16 15:05

Seems my last attempt at uploading the video were lost in the eiher.

The video, my apologies for it being rather long, I was playing and then remembered to video when i was half way through, so was setting up OBS while playing. 
It could be a map issue, but I have experienced this on many maps and do not want to test them all. Three off the top of my head are Bastille, bling king and catacombs.

Hom-Sha-Bom 10/19/16 09:42

I can second that. I've seen this happen even when I've only built 1 frostbite on the entire map.

iamisom 10/19/16 15:27

We're looking into this, but this one might take some time. Thanks for the report!

Zimmermann 10/19/16 16:19

its been 1.5 months so I am not expecting it fixed at any kind of pace.

ledenec 10/20/16 08:24

and slowing from frosts doesnt work about 3 or 4 monthes

Dani 11/03/16 19:13

Should be resolved and released in next milestone release.