Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

[Mystic] [Series EV2] Beams & Appeasement Aura (Windows)

The appeasement damage buff for towers doesn't work for any EV2 beam/node. Is that a bug or intentional? 

diviator posted this bug on03/01/17
diviator 03/02/17 14:12

The damage doesn't increase upon reaching 100 appeasement.

RoseCrime 03/04/17 03:23 @2032

even with 100 it's same.

diviator 03/13/17 20:23

The appeasement aura works with: Abyss Lord, Dryad, Huntress and Squire to some extents.

It doesn't work with: Lavamancer, Monk, Mystic and Series EV2.

I think the bonus/aura is applied wrong.
For example it applies ~8% to the squire defences, but only to the basic value.
It doesn't apply any bonus to dryad defences if the dryad has no relic.