Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Ascension Ramster Range Gambit Not Giving Full Value (Windows)

In the Ascension Levels for Abyss Lord, the Ramster Range Gambit gives 1/10th the value it should be giving. For example, instead of giving 30 range per level, it gives 3. I tested to see if this was the case for the Huntress' Poison Dart Tower Range Gambit and it gives the full 30 point value. Here are some screenshots demonstrating this.

Ryusei posted this bug on03/01/17
Chazuke 03/02/17 15:44

Can confirm. Blue range indicator that appears when placing the tower or when holding shift does not reflect the range increase and values are much lower than expected. Screenshot shows tower on the right with Gambit lvl 2 versus the left tower which is base. Testing revealed that the increased range still takes effect since ramster with Gambit lvl 2 is still able to hit slightly outside of displayed range.

Leexs 03/02/17 18:49

Ramster tower lev 1:

Lev 0 gambit, + 0 range = 2500 range

Lev7 gambit, +210 range = 2581 range

L3velDr4in 03/05/17 06:08

This is caused by the Ramster having a typo in it's Defence Range stat.It has 25000 there instead of 2500.

DarkyGoD 03/10/17 20:57

Actually, Defense Gambit reduce 30 DPower but +7.5 Range.. Made a couple of test reseting ascension.. 


Other thing, The Frosty Slow +40% Strg don't work. It make enemy at normal spd instead of slow.

Rhydler 03/11/17 19:10

No idea what DarkyGoD is talking about... It increased 3 range per 1 ascension point (+30 range -30 power).

Please fix.

moogle 03/12/17 07:41

Same problem, gives only 10% range increace of what should be given.

Cond3mn3d 03/13/17 00:26

I also noticed this issue, and believe it's caused by the 25000 base range value shown in the Ramster stats page.

bloodrayne03 03/14/17 23:03

This isn't the only defense that appears to be hit with this issue. The inspect range appears to be the actual range of the defense, but the stat card range determines how defense range increases scale for that defense. The training dummy has an inspect range of 450, but a stat card range of 1,125. Flame aura has an inspect range of 750, but a stat card range of 2,500. The boost aura has an inspect range of 680, but a stat card range of 3,400. Flamethrower has an inspect range of 1,500, but a stat card range of 6,000.

STEEL 03/17/17 10:33

happened to me too.. while i have 33 ascension point on ramster gambit, that should give +990 range. the stat only add 99 on the inspect mode.

Edited on: 03/17/17 10:34
Qaken1 03/19/17 16:43

It is simple ... look at Abyss Lord ramster's stats. Defense range of ramster is for some reason multiplied by 10 times (so in stats its 30 000) than gambil will increase +30 of defense range which will make 30 030. But at the end in game tower stat is divided by 10 so it will become 3 003. So if we say that gambit will deacrease your Defense power by 1% ... defense range is increased only by 0.1%. Its pretty simple bug to fix (just make original value into stat or divided it by 10 times) and its really the MAJOR one ... Please FIX it asap otherwise gambit is really useless stat fro ramster tower. 

Nickname 03/21/17 19:28

anyways, the range gambit on ramster is bugged. it does not increase the range, i tested it.  this is all that needs to be fixed

matheusnitt 03/24/17 01:52

yeah i have 1,290 more range, but only (+126) in ramster. total 2626 of 2500.

Chazuke 04/19/17 12:50

This bug is marked fixed but has NOT been fixed from what I can tell. Should get 130 range but tooltip only shows 36 and comparison to base ramster shows negligible change in range

Ryusei 04/25/17 22:16

This has sort of been fixed with patch 19.5 since it now gives 4x the value it gave before on the tooltips. However, like Flamethrowers and other defenses affected, it changes only the raw value by 1500, not the tooltip value like it should. The tooltip says it's getting a 600 point increase which, as this screenshot shows, is not a lot but it's still something.  Since many players rely on the tooltips more than the raw values themselves, the tooltips should be changed to reflect the raw value differences in range gained. I'm not even sure why there are two different values; the raw value should just be put on the tooltip.