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Frosty Bind Shard and Slow % (Windows)

Something is odd with the Frosty Bind shard for the Apprentice freeze towers. Without it, a Frosty has a Slow % of 65% at tier 1 and 29.25% at tier 5. With it however, it starts at 5% and ends at 69.25%.


geo981010 posted this bug on03/01/17
[TE]Sev3n 03/01/17 12:20

This is a visual issue with the inspect menu. The slow of the Frostbite tower should be getting stronger with every upgrade, and even stronger with the shard equipped. Thank you for reporting this.

ConnorM 03/02/17 12:31

Looks like the Frosty Bind shard actually does decrease the slow applied to the enemies. The ascension is just a visual error in the inspect menu. Going to Dupe all others to this bug.

Elucidate 03/03/17 23:32

Frosty tover shard increases 40% effectivenes at max rank . afrosty tover alone 65%  goes 105% at this point the slow is only 5%

Alonzo 03/04/17 21:05

Just managed to get this shard. It is not a visual problem with the inspect tool tip.

I have tested the frosty tower with and without the shard. With the shard the tower does not slow the enemies at all.

The frosty slow is the speed enemies walk when hit by beam.

It starts at 65% and goes down to 29.25% fully upgraded.

The shard ADDs 40% to this (when the shard is fully upgraded) and makes enemies walk faster which is the opposite of what it should do.

So enemies walk 105% speed and 69.25% fully upgraded. So the shard makes the frosty tower worse.


It should work like this:

Original figure minus 40% (Shard fully upgraded)

Tier 1: 65% - 40% = 39%

Tier 2: 58.5% - 40% = 35.1%

Tier 3: 52% - 40% = 31.2%

Tier 4: 45.5% - 40% = 27.3%

Teir 5: 29.25 - 40% = 17.55%


This is the calculation for it:

X = final percentage

A = original slow rate

B = shard percent boost


X = A - (A * (B / 100)


Hope this is looked at again, thanks.

Version2 03/09/17 04:02

I totally agree and its really weird, because players in town have seen good numbers ( 50% slow or something like that ) WITH shard equipped, while ive seen 90%. SO is the bug only on visual stats?


First, ive tried in solo to slow enemies WITH the shard ( 94% - slow on tier 1 ) and then, the next wave, ive tried to slow them WITHOUT the shard ( 54% - slow on tier 1) and believe me, u WILL notice a difference between 90 and 50 percent slow......

i havent tried this on public yet, but even if it was only in solo, it means i cant use shard properly ... it actually makes the tower more useless


please, fix it

DarkyGoD 03/10/17 21:03

Still not Fix with today's update

BlazeOfGlory 03/11/17 13:23

frost bug

Jasmine 03/14/17 03:10

I have this bug too!

It's not just visual bug. I tested alone on The Gates of Dragonfall map only 1 frost tower + 4 wall in Chaos1 and without shard more effective. The different better looks if I max the tower! Without shard they moveing slower. If I add 20 point on ascension to Frostbite slow then they moving more slower than normally so its working the ascension the different is huge and its only 20%.

This shard should be more effective with 40% but no! :( something wrong with it. pls fix it because really would be usefull this shard in c4 c5.


akhnaton09 03/15/17 03:30

It's not a visual bug. Frost tower slowing power goes down with shards.


Zoralios 03/15/17 19:04

Can confirm, having this shard equiped DECREASES the effictivness of the frostbite tower, up to almost being useless at max upgrade. It looks like the main issue here is, that unlike other slowing modifiers that show a -% as an increase, this one does not, which might also mean that in the code it is also not applying a negative increase, which is how this game handles slows. As is stands, this shard is a hinderance to equip.

Semmel99 03/16/17 16:53

I tryed it today on the same map 4 Times:

1. With Frosttower Tier 5 without shard and with ascension

 Upgrade "9,75% Slow" Gobos are REALLY slow (If math is correct 1/10 of their normal speed)

2. With Frosttower Tier 5 with shard and with ascension "50% slow" --> Gobos walk at half speed

Next tests for fun :D

3.  without Frostower --> looked at speed of goblins

4.  with Frosttower tier 1 with shard (without ascension upgrade) "105% slow" : The goblins get actually speeded by 5% xD.

So the shard works against the Tower at the moment because the confusing "Slow". It seems that the "slow %" is the movmentspeed left of the enemys. 50% Slow --> Half speed. 10% slow --> 1/10 of normal speed (Enemys go at 10% of their normal speed so 90% REAL slow). 105% Slow --> 5% more then 100% speed (-5% Slow --> Speeeeed UP by 50%) :D

The shard simply removes 40% of the slow by adding this number to the speed of the enemys. If you had 60% Slow and would add the shard you would negate the Tower to "100% Slow" --> still 100% speed of the mobs 

So if you ever wanted to speed up a siegeroller ..... ;) Now you can xD

Edited on: 03/16/17 16:58
Semmel99 03/16/17 16:59

Im mean speed up by 5% not 50%^^ cant edit anymore sry :)

Talis_Cat 03/17/17 05:48

The bugged percent is actually a tooltip overflow.

5% base. with 20 percent ascension point -> -15% -> 85%

That being said in each case it doesn't slow at all. at 5% the frost bind is unoticable and definitely much less than base one (testing in gates by using two frost app in same lane)

I'm not sure it speed up mob though.

Weapon Owl 03/17/17 08:04

Have same. With this shard creeps move faster, than without. Now it give +40% to creeps speed on max shard lvl.

Edited on: 03/17/17 08:06
LjMjollnir 03/19/17 04:17

This Shard is still bugged.. Tested today

without Shard enemies walk at 65% with Shard they walk faster 105%

Teamdamm 03/22/17 14:29

Tested today, still not fixed.

jchabs 03/23/17 22:37

I am having the same thing, with the shard equipped the frost tower is less effective at slowing enemies... It adds about 40% to my inspect stat and I can visually see the enemy move faster with the shard on compared to the crawl they walk when the frosty is on them without the shard equipped.

Zinec 03/24/17 03:55

This is the same issue as the Worm Scarf(before it was patched). You used a positive value for the shard instead of a negative. I've tested this, same as others. The shard makes the enemies move faster instead of slower.

Gimmy 07/02/17 09:20 @2361

The slow stats work like  a slow to ; Like if it wrote slow : 40% it mean that ennemy will lost 60% of his mouvement speed.