Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone secondary attack doing much less damage than it should (Windows)

The Molten Boulders launched by the Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone's Locked Shard effect deal significantly less damage than the normal ghosts you fire when you tap right-click to fire your secondary.

Normal Ghosts (tested with a Dark Summoner's Crystalnomicon that's similar to my Scorched Tome) deal about 80k per hit, while the Scorched Tome's molten boulders deal barely 3k at best unless they crit.


  1. Equip a standard tome
  2. Tap right click to fire a ghost at a dummy.  Note the damage.
  3. Equip a Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone that is statistically similar to the standard tome in step #1.
  4. Tap right click to fire a molten boulder at a dummy.  Notice the damage is significantly less.

Nerva posted this bug on02/28/17
Nerva 03/01/17 15:59

Looking at it, you can rank up the locked shard in the Scorched Tome, which increases the molten boulder damage and increases the range of the fissure blast wave on charge.

However, even with a 75% upgraded shard, the molten boulders don't deal anything even close to the damage the ghosts of a regular tome do.