Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Mystic Dark Torment doesn't attack (Windows)

Mystic's Dark Torment doesn't attack

How to replicate:

  1.  Enter A map
  2. Hit an enemy with dark torment
  3. kill them
  4. The tower will not attack any nearby adds

Fuzzy posted this bug on02/28/17
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 02/28/17 15:32

So we have a known issue with the VFX on the Dark torment not working. Can you tell me if it's not working or if the VFX are just not showing. If it's not working then that would be a different issue than the one we're tracking already.

diviator 03/01/17 12:23

As far as I can tell it isn't working (dealing any damage and has no attack effect).

moogle 03/01/17 14:31

It's not doing any damage. its not just the animation that isn't showing. 


WolfVisions 03/01/17 20:52 @1905

It clearly does no damage and just stands there until it dies

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 03/03/17 13:40

Alright, on it. thanks

BlueFroman 03/03/17 14:25

Doesn't do any damage post Trials update, tried on several maps, on each difficulty to test this issue.  It's not an animation bug, it doesn't do any damage or attack any enemy.

Hom-Sha-Bom 03/09/17 03:10

Why is this still flagged as "Needs Your Help"?

ConnorM 03/15/17 09:49

When I am testing this it still does the damage and can kill enemies (2k per tick) and I can watch the enemies health bar go down. However, the tower is not correctly applying a visual attack animation. Are other people seeing it actually do 0 damage? Keep in mind given that there is no clear visual it could be difficult to tell what is doing the damage with multiple defenses, pets, etc.

Gerg 03/15/17 14:59 @2462

When you create a Dark Torment, you expect the critters to noticeably die faster then you taking them out normally! Small critters be surrounding it with no noticeable effect until I actually attack the critters, then they die.

MemoriMooon 03/15/17 20:48

Hi i am on ps4 and i am having the same issue the towers do not attack, at first i thought it was visual bug but i could not see damage numbers,. :( 

Kobalobasileus 03/19/17 01:11

Same issue for me. The Torment tower appears when an affected enemy dies, but just sits there doing no damage until it times out and disappears.

Nickname 03/19/17 08:45

no damage no nothing. 

make it do aoe damage would be nice       ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Dum 03/22/17 22:08

Also confirming that this is not just a vfx issue. Dark torment spawns, but does not target any enemies and does no damage.

Zholtar 03/24/17 05:49

Same here.

Just tried, only Dark Torment (no tower, no pet):  No damage AND no animation.

BUT I just played with another one player for whom it was working.  But no communication from him about this into the in game tchat :(

Minty 04/09/17 20:32

I have found that if the mystic dies who summoned the dark torment it will attack enemies.. but same as the other bug reporters, no damage no animation as per abovd. Reports.

Hannibird 04/10/17 15:17

I also just expiernced that bug. No animation no attack

Hatchet 04/12/17 12:11


lili 04/13/17 11:00

I am still experiencing this with 0 attack. the animation sometimes appears but no damage is being taken. I have tested it on lower levels where there are smaller, thinner groups of enimies and they still don't work :/ 

Tencellh'c 05/24/17 11:55

Is it normal for a heros dark torment to reach as high as 20 - 40 million damage?

I was playing with someone today, my mytic had higher items with more stats on each item- ability power, crit and damage, etc yet no matter what I did, I couldn't reach that amount of dps... Am I missing something? He would not explain how.

Also the defence from dark torment does absolutely nothing, it just sits there and disappears.

But the defence from the dark torment of the person I played with attacked and killed enemies enemies.

Animul 06/07/17 11:57

I'd like to add to this by saying that i bought the Mystic the other night and was leveling it using my other heroes defenses while it was still not at level 50 i hit something with Dark Torment and the defenses killed it and spawned the tower i watched it attack things but once i hit 50 it seemed to stop entirely as of right now nothing i do seems to be able to get it to attack things again.

Edited on: 06/07/17 11:59
Animul 06/08/17 18:57

 Sorry for the double post but i figured out something interesting today if you hit something with Dark Torment and then die before or after the target you hit dies it causes the tower to start working and hit things.

Glass of Milk 08/16/17 23:02

The Dark Torment tower does damage for me. The problem is that enemies killed by the Dark Torment tower don't become one itself as it does in the video.